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By the City Manager Ken Striplin

In 2020 it was reported that the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) registered 13 fires throughout Los Angeles County that burned an aggregate of 39,399 acres. This year, we are experiencing the same hot, dry and windy weather that sparked numerous wildfires in the year 2020. Because of this, it is imperative to be aware of fire safety tips that will help firefighters from the Los Angeles County Fire Department and protect our local community.

With the huge 4,615 acres Tick Fire in our community’s recent past, it should be a reminder to us to remain vigilant regarding fire security. In the Tick Fire which lasted for a year, 40,000 people in Santa Clarita were evacuated from their homes and 22 buildings were destroyed. Without the incredible efforts by firefighters as well as firefighters I can’t even imagine the destruction to our city. This year the Los Angeles County Fire Department has already done an amazing task of protecting Santa Clarita from the North Fire and Towsley fires which erupted near our city. Knowing that the conditions and climate conducive to fire-related development are already present in our area underscores that it’s important to remain vigilant and well-prepared.

Make sure you remember to keep your smoke alarms in good working order and carbon monoxide detectors and your landscaping. It is recommended that you maintain your landscaping. Los Angeles County Fire Department recommends creating a safe area that is 100 yards around the house by clearing dead trees, brush, and other vegetation. Your home can be protected by taking steps like clearing any debris off your roof as well as using embers and vents that are resistant to flames, and keeping an extinguisher in your house. These essential tips can make sure that your family and friends protected in the event of a fire.

As well as making sure your home is prepared I also encourage each one of you to create an emergency kit of supplies or verify that your existing supplies in your kit are current and are not expired. The kits and backpacks must contain items like flashlights as well as a change of clothes and non-perishable food items prescriptions, water and a first-aid kit, hygiene supplies money, and other items you need for yourself and your family members.

The preparation for an emergency fire involves preparing an action plan for forest fires. Your plan of action should list important numbers for emergency contacts, and list several ways to escape from the community, establish an emergency meeting place and list any other equipment that is required for pets. or larger animals. or larger animals. Los Angeles County Fire Department helps residents to prepare by giving residents with Ready! Together! Go! action plan templates and resources to download from

It’s often far too late until the beginning in a forest fire in order to prepare plans. Make your home and emergency kits and escape plans today. Make sure you and your family are educated and friends on emergency preparedness and prevention now. When we prioritize fire security as well as education we aid first responders and firefighters who are dedicated to protecting the residents in Santa Clarita.

Ken Striplin is the City Manager for Santa Clarita and can be reached via [emailprotected[email protected] .

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