Zombie camp teaches kids about safety

Through numerous scavenger hunts, visits to fire stations, and scheduled visits from law enforcement, the youngsters at Odessa College’s Zombie Preparedness Camp have gathered helpful tips on first aid and safety.

The camp ends with a zombie face painting and a zombie walk.

Zombie Readiness Instructor Maigen Pool speaks during Odessa College’s Zombie Camp on Wednesday at the OC Sports Center. (Michael Bauer|American Odessa)

Maigen Pool was the instructor on Wednesday. They embarked on a treasure hunt and ended up at the Atmos Energy Pantry Gardens of Odessa College.

Kristi Clemmer, Director of Student Support Services, explained how the garden is used to supply produce to the Wrangler Food Pantry.

Clemmer also showed them sunflower seeds and answered questions about the different plants.

Fourteen children were registered, but not all were there. The age range was 7 to 12 years old.

Zombie prep camp instructor Maigen Pool, center, gives instructions during a scavenger hunt during the zombie camp Wednesday at Odessa College. (Michael Bauer|American Odessa)

Pool said the youngsters were given first aid supplies. “And the fire department and the police department talk to them about emergencies and preparing and how to deal with it,” Pool said. “Thursday (August 4) we paint their faces and they walk around campus doing the zombie walk and then we also do a zombie tag,” she added.

Maigen Pool, zombie prep camp instructor, left, answers questions during zombie camp Wednesday at Odessa Middle School. (Michael Bauer|American Odessa)

Twelve-year-old Scarlett Hughes has been to zombie camp several times.

“I like going to the fire station and the police talking to the kids. It’s a lot of fun,” Hughes said.

She added that she learned a lot of “first aid stuff” that she didn’t know.

Like many other campers, the fire station was his favorite part.

Charlie Sypolt, 9, said her mum made her go to camp, but “it’s kind of fun”.

Odessa College patrol sergeant. Nick Holbrook answers questions at Zombie Camp Wednesday at Odessa College. (Michael Bauer|American Odessa)

“We do a lot of treasure hunting and learning at the same time, but I don’t pay attention to the learning,” Sypolt said. “I do sometimes, but when it comes to math and other things, I don’t.”

The scavenger hunt doesn’t include math, “so I’m fine,” she added.

Seven-year-old Arianna Lujan said the camp was very cool and she also enjoyed visiting the fire station. She learned that if you’re in trouble, you should call 911.

She was looking forward to being made up as a zombie on Thursday.

Kristi Clemmer, director of Odessa College’s student support service, talks to attendees of the zombie camp Wednesday at Odessa College. Michael Bauer|American Odessa

Clemmer told the youngsters that sunflowers are so tall because that’s the kind they are.

She said they had some in pots, but now those pots are covered in ivy.

“…Everything we pick from the garden goes into our pantry,” Clemmer said. “…Sometimes students struggle to pay for groceries because they’re in college and they’re working, or maybe they’re not working. So we have a pantry where they can come and get food help…”

Garden produce goes to the Wrangler Food Pantry.

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