Why do repairs need to be done regularly?


This time we will be visiting AutoCenters Rivo Doble, a company in the Bosch Automotive Service Network. Some questions for the Normonds Torque service manager.

Why do repairs need to be done regularly?

Regular maintenance of the machine is necessary to ensure the safety of the driver while operating the car. And maintain factory-set technical parameters during operation.

Should the car be repaired at the time specified by the manufacturer or at mileage intervals?

There are fixed repairs based on 15,000 strokes. There are also flexible repairs which depend on the declaration of the on-board computer.

What is the maximum allowable interval between repairs?

No more than 2 years 30,000. But usually the on-board computer gives an advance warning.

The reverse can happen when the maintenance period is short. This especially happens when driving in extreme conditions.

This means the car trailer pulls under heavy load modes or operates on dusty roads.

It is recommended that these cars be serviced more often. Manufacturers often indicate this in the specifications: if the car operates in severe conditions, repairs are carried out at 10,000, some manufacturers even less.

Is the only repair to change the engine oil?

Often the customer comes to the “I need repairs” service. What does he mean by that? Change the oil and possibly the air filter. He doesn’t think about the rest. It is the duty of the service consultant to offer and present full repairs, explaining why it is needed, what is being done, and what the person receives from them.

For example, repairs include an examination of the body. Someone will ask, what does this mean because it is not an engine?

The bodywork warranty is more than an automobile warranty. Therefore, it is very important to examine the body during the interview.

It is also important to respect the maintenance conditions and not to reuse used parts once. For example, the oil pan plugs.

Why change the crankcase plug with every oil change?

The oil cap is disposable. The thread of a new plug, if it can be shown more closely, is treated with a special putty. The bottom has a special seal which is disposable once it is compressed. When the old plug is loosened, the airtight seal is not retained. Only a new plug can prevent 100% oil leakage.

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