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If you want to improve your rested effect in Valheim, you will need to increase your comfort level with a base full of new furniture and decorative items!

Valheim Hall full of furniture

Valheim can be quite a difficult game, and it’s never clearer than when you travel to new biomes and find yourself facing newer and more dangerous monstrosities. The best way to tackle the unknown in a game like this is to be as prepared as possible.

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There are many ways to do this in Valheim, but one of the most important is to increase your comfort level. This will improve the bonus you get when your character feels “rested” and that should be one of your top priorities whenever you unlock a bunch of new crafting recipes.

What is the comfort level for?

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The comfort level of your base will directly affect the level of your rested effect, which is a bonus applied to your character whenever they rest near a fire or use a bed for at least 20 seconds without getting wet and with no enemies nearby.

In the meantime, you will be temporarily rest effect. The effect of rest triples your health regeneration and quadruple your stamina regeneration. If you can maintain this resting effect for the required twenty seconds (which happens automatically if you fall asleep in a bed), you will get a different and separate effect. rested effect (beware of the past!).

The rested bonus improves your 50 percent health regeneration, doubles your stamina regeneration, and even offers a 50 percent experience bonus too much! The rested effect too persists for a while depending on your comfort level.

To his basic rate (level one) you will only get the bonus for seven minutes. With the maximum comfort level, you will get the effect of rest for a huge 25 minutes (27 minutes with rare seasonal items) – more than enough to take on a tough boss or sack a few crypts.

How to improve the comfort level

Valheim Hearth And Home 2- via Steam

via the iron gate

Your level of comfort depends on the current range of furniture that can be found around your character. Different furnishings contribute to a different level of comfort, so it helps to upgrade to more stylish things when you have the chance. The table below details the furniture currently available in the game and the comfort that each offers.

Furniture Comfort Crafting Recipe
Deer Carpet 1 Deer Hide x4
Wolf rug 1 Wolf Skin x4
Lox rug 1 Lox Hide x4
Table 1 Fine wood x6
Round table 2 Fine wood x10, tar x2, iron nails x20
Long heavy table 2 Fine wood x20, tar x2, iron nails x20
All banners 1 Precious wood, leather scraps, various berries
Campfire 1 Stone x5, Wood x2
Fire 1 Surtling Core x1, Ancient Bark x5, Wood Core x5, Precious Wood x5
Suspended brazier 1 Bronze x5, Coal x2, Chain x1
Foyer 2 Stone x15
Bench 1 Fine wood x6
Session log 1 Wood Core x2
Stool 1 Fine wood x4
Chair 2 Fine wood x4
Throne of the raven 3 Fine wood x20, Iron nails x10
Stone throne 3 Stone x20, Deer Skin x2, Wolf Skin x2
Bed 1 Wood x8
Dragon bed 2 Precious Antlers x40, Stag Skin x7, Wolf Skin x4, Feathers x10, Iron Nails x15
Jacuzzi 2 Wood x20, Tar x6, Iron x10, Stone x8
Crystal wall 1 Crystal x2
Maypole 1 Wood x10, Dandelion x4, Thistle x4
Christmas tree 1 Wood x10, Fir Cone x1

  • The the basic level of comfort is a, which requires that there be a fire nearby. It goes to two when the character is both near a fire and under cover. Other levels of comfort require the placement of furniture.

  • Each comfort level increases the duration of your rested effect by one minute.

  • Furniture must be within ten meters of your character when they rest to count.
  • Furniture of the same type usually does not stack when calculating comfort, and the game will take the highest value available.
    • The three tables do not stack.

    • None of the banners stack with each other.

    • The four sources of fire do not stack.

    • The different seating options do not stack.

    • The two beds do not stack.

    • The main exceptions to this rule are various rugs that you can craft (Deer Rugs, Wolf Rugs, and Lox Rugs), these can all stack together to provide a total of three comforts.

  • The Maypole and Christmas tree are seasonal items and cannot be crafted unless a seasonal event occurs in the game. can however be very rarely found in the Meadows biome.

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