U.S. Embassy, ​​Tajik and Afghan Partners Celebrate World Refugee Day – Tajikistan

The U.S. Embassy in Dushanbe is proud to commemorate World Refugee Day, observed annually on June 20, with the government and people of Tajikistan. To celebrate the vibrancy that refugees bring to communities in Tajikistan and the United States, the U.S. Embassy hosted a celebration at American Space Dushanbe featuring Afghani music, food, and art and Tajiks.

Opening the event, Chargé d’Affaires Bridgette Walker said, “We commend Tajikistan for providing a temporary home for Afghan refugees. It reflects Tajikistan’s leadership, renowned hospitality and willingness to help its neighbours. We thank the Tajik government for providing security and support to the Afghan community during these difficult times. »

In Tajikistan, the US government and independent US donor organizations like Spirit of America have made support for the Afghan community and its Tajik neighbors a key part of US programs. US assistance includes:

  • Programs for Afghan and Tajik youth in Vahdat: Since October 2021, the U.S. Embassy has been offering American Space Dushanbe Youth Programs at community centers in Vahdat, where thousands of Tajik and Afghan students learn English, technology, and decision-making. public speaking. The program, funded by the US Department of State and implemented by US Councils, also provides transportation for Vahdat youth to attend regular in-person programs at American Space Dushanbe. On May 11, 2022, the Spirit of America organization announced an additional $100,000 to secure funding for the program through the end of 2023.
  • Vahdat Community Centers Renovation and Internet Supply: To improve conditions for education programs at community centers in Vahdat, the Spirit of America organization contributed more than $35,000 for the installation of furniture, sewing machines, audio-visual equipment and internet broadband. In 2020, the United States Embassy provided funding of $15,255 to renovate student bathrooms at the Vahdat Youth Palace.
  • English-Language Access Microscholarship Programs for Tajik and Afghan Youth: The U.S. Embassy funds English classes for underserved youth in Vahdat. Since 2013, the English Micro-Scholarship Program has improved the English of more than 120 Tajik and Afghan students to prepare them for future careers.
  • Funding for the Somoniyon school in Dushanbe: When Tajikistan’s only school for Afghan refugees lost funding from the Afghan government in August 2021, Spirit of America provided $83,000 in emergency assistance to cover rent for the 2021-2022 school year, transportation , Internet, furniture and renovation to save the school from closing. In April 2021, Spirit of America announced that it would fund the school’s rent for the 2022–23 school year.
  • Professional Development for Tajik and Afghan English Teachers: To strengthen English teaching, the U.S. Embassy provided teacher training to more than 30 teachers in Vahdat through the English Without Borders (EWB) network and the English Teaching Mentor (ETM) program . Over the next year, the embassy will also include Afghan teachers in the program.

This assistance reflects the United States’ commitment as a nation of immigrants that has welcomed more than 3.5 million refugees for permanent resettlement since 1975. This year, the United States resettled nearly 74,000 Afghan refugees across the United States with the help of our network of refugee agency partners. The United States will continue to welcome additional qualified Afghans in the weeks and months ahead. Additionally, President Biden had pledged to admit up to 100,000 displaced people fleeing Russian aggression in Ukraine.

The U.S. Embassy commends Tajikistan for sharing its commitment to supporting refugee communities. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Tajikistan as we strive to ensure that it is a great home for all people living in this beautiful country.

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