Township of Big Rapids Discusses Highbanks Park Ball Diamond Maintenance Funding

BIG RAPIDS TOWNSHIP – The Big Rapids Township Board of Directors reviewed the use and maintenance of the township’s park again at its meeting this week.

Following a request for help from Big Rapids Little League to pay for work they carried out on the Highbanks Park ball diamond, Township Treasurer Penny Currie suggested the council begin to examine the necessary repairs and maintenance of the Township’s parks and to consider how the Township can better maintain them. .

A Cemetery and Grounds Committee report said BR Little League, which uses the Highbanks Park ball field, recently paid for tree trimming, adding and repairing fences, canoes, repairs of the field building and the repair or replacement of bleachers.

“I personally feel that any repairs to our parks or any improvements should be funded by the township, so every resident of the township can feel they can use it equally,” Currie said. “If we allow a little league to set up a dugout and they pay for the dugout out of their own funds, then they’re going to feel like they have some ownership over that land.

“If they’re ready to do the job and the board has approved them to do it, then fine,” she continued. “I think it would be in our interest as a township to pay for the improvements. There are a lot of things we could do there (in Highbanks), and I think we should start focusing funds on our parks and making them available to everyone and not just a ball league that makes it seem like since they put money into it, it’s theirs to use.

Administrator Carman Bean agreed, saying he thought the township should invest funds to make it (Highbanks) a proper ballpark.

“I think what they (Little League) did probably wasn’t enough,” Bean said. “The pitch is not in such good condition either. We briefly discussed this at a previous meeting, and I ask that we put the ball diamond on the agenda for the next meeting.

The item on the use and maintenance of the park will be placed on the agenda for the June 7 meeting.

In other business, the council also approved the renewal of the franchise agreement with Great Lakes Energy authorizing them to provide high-speed fiber optic internet access to the township.

Stanek said they had held the franchise with Great Lakes Energy for some time and he recommended renewing the deal.

“Anything we can do to get more broadband in the region is worth it,” he said.

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