This all-terrain trailer enhances your adventure experience without compromising on comfort or luxury


We’ve seen countless off-road trailers in the past, but the Bruder EXP-8 due out next month is a level above the rest. The caravan is designed for die-hard explorers who will stop at nothing and appreciate comfortable interiors.

The best thing being that this all terrain trailer brings a degree of luxury and comfort while doing all the hard work on unforgettable terrain. This is the largest and best designed trailer from the Australian company to date. It brings a spacious interior, self-sufficient power capabilities and the ability to cover long distances without much hassle. The EXP-8 is based on the predecessor EXP-6 with the promise of all-season weather resistance and full non-grip capability. Some things from the EXP-6 have been omitted to emphasize a more robust design. There is no retractable roof, the kitchen on the exterior side is missing and the bathroom is now moved to the front section. The trailer accommodates a full-size kitchen (with a 12-bottle wine rack) and a dining area on the opposite side. It will comfortably accommodate four people and with customization, six people can also sit there.

On the outside, the EXP-8 is a fortress with an insulated body and a sealed chassis. To tackle any demanding terrain, the all-terrain trailer features an independent mobile suspension system aided by the large 37-inch wheels for muddy terrain. That means a stable ride inside, even as you tread the most demanding changing landscape on the planet. The platform will have its own water purification system and a 1600 W solar power generator on the roof connected to a 2.5 kWh battery for electricity needs. For backup, there is also a 5,000 W inverter. According to Bruder, the trailer will also have a reverse osmosis system to purify water from natural sources, so die-hard explorers never run out of water. drinkable.

Bruder EXP-8 will launch in October, and at that time, more details about its powerful features will be revealed. Although you can expect to tow it in the back of your Land Cruiser to explore the not-so-common parts of the world. That said, the trailer would cost around $ 177,000 – an insane amount for which you can get an RV or all-terrain truck!

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