Test: the Arctis Prime helmet offers real comfort at an affordable price



In addition to comfort, it also contributes to function. My ears are completely enclosed in the giant black marshmallows, which helps prevent ambient noise and ensure that gaming audio is not lost.

So what about the audio output?

The high fidelity drivers are the same as the more expensive Arctis Pro headset, but with a slightly lower level of sensitivity. Steelseries promises crystal-clear sound up to 40,000Hz, more than double the range of typical headphones, he says. Better if it’s good, then.

And it is, of course. I loved the background noise of Rory McIlroy’s PGA Tour on my Xbox Series X, and the crowd singing on FIFA 21 inspired me to greater virtual achievements than I thought possible.

But it was in my chosen game, Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla on the PS5, that I came to really appreciate what I was hearing.

The crispness of the different sounds my horses’ hooves made as they galloped from a stone bridge to looser ground was fantastic, as was the sound of birds chirping in the background as I crawled, waiting for the good time to attack.

It also helped me when engaging in combat, better able to identify when enemies were trying to take my lead and scream for reinforcements.

Headphones of course only play a small role. Game developers write games to sound this good and it’s my fault I never experienced them the way they were intended.

But it’s also because headphones have never been a comfortable thing for me to wear for long periods of time – and, well, I do.


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