Sabina Higgins will ‘not be comforted’ by Russian ambassador’s praise for her letter

Sabina Coyne Higgins, the wife of President Michael D Higgins, will ‘not be consoled’ by the Russian ambassador’s praise for a letter she wrote to a national newspaper about the war in Ukraine, a source has said. Fianna Fail TD.

Ms Coyne Higgins wrote to the irish time earlier this week to call for a negotiated settlement of the war.

She said the newspaper’s editorial pages did not mention any move towards a ceasefire.

“Until the world persuades President Vladimir Putin of Russia and President Volodymyr Zelenskiy of Ukraine to agree to a ceasefire and negotiations, the long and terrible war will continue. How can there be a victor? The Ukrainian people have suffered tens of thousands of victims and today lose up to a thousand soldiers a day, killed, wounded or taken prisoner. Your editorial indicates that during the war, an estimated 25,000 to 27,000 Russians were killed in the fighting.

“This is surely a moment of moral choice. Concerned peoples of the world who want to live together in peace and sustainability must demand that this war end so that lives are saved, and there is a reduction in suffering. , and the rebuilding of lives and livelihoods can begin.”


However, despite the call for peace, Ms Coyne Higgins was criticized as her letter was welcomed by Yury Filatov, the Russian ambassador to Ireland. He told the
irish timecall for negotiated settlement ‘makes sense’

“She is against war. We are all against war,” he said.

Fianna Fáil TD Christopher O’Sullivan told Newstalk’s Pat Kenny it was likely Ms Coyne Higgins ‘wouldn’t take solace’ from Mr Filatov’s praise, while TD Social Democrats Gary Gannon said Ms Coyne Higgins had not identified the aggressors in the war.

Professor Brigid Laffan of the Robert Schuman EU Center said Ms Coyne Higgins “owes the people of Ukraine an apology”, while Fine Gael Senator John McGahon tweeted: “When the Russian Ambassador praises your point of view of the Ukrainian invasion, it’s time to rethink your position.”

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