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STONINGTON – Over the past week, it has been hard not to notice an increase in traffic along Route 1 near the Amtrak Viaduct in downtown Pawcatuck, as the small but popular local Lincoln Avenue cutoff is remained closed for reconstruction.

Over the next few weeks, road works will expand to include the reconstruction of Alice Court and the milling and layering of parts of Downer Street, Garden Street, Robinson Street, West Vine Street and Woodlawn Avenue. Authorities are urging residents and motorists to be patient while work is completed, promising workers reportedly looking to minimize closures and disruption as the city begins to catch up on road maintenance.

First Selectman Danielle Chesebrough said on Tuesday that the city’s public works department is set for a busy summer that will include a number of road repairs, and the availability of US rescue funds could lead to an even longer schedule. loaded as the community seeks to compensate for delays following a significant reduction in the 2020-21 road maintenance budget due to other needs dictated by the pandemic.

“In the ’20 -’21 budget year, we reduced the paving station by almost $ 400,000 to balance needs in a difficult economic situation,” said Chesebrough. “As a result, the city has fallen a bit behind in road maintenance, and this year we are working to start catching up.”

The work will include major downtown projects, two of the most important of which are already underway. Workers closed and began a complete reconstruction of Lincoln Avenue on July 5, with work completely closing the road to through traffic. Public Works Ministry staff said in a press release that, weather permitting, the goal is to complete the project by the end of July.

Work on Alice Court began on July 8 and will also involve a complete rebuild. Reconstruction projects are also slated to begin this week at Back Acres Way and Knight Street in Stonington.

However, most of the project in downtown Pawcatuck will involve milling and layering. In milling projects, the pavement is milled to “remove anywhere of a thickness just sufficient to level and smooth to a deep cut”. The road is then paved using an asphalt pavement, a faster and cheaper process.

“There will be no on-street parking during construction,” the city said in the statement. “Traffic will be slowed down, but one lane will remain open to keep traffic flowing. “

Chesebrough said that, based on discussions with Selectwomen Deborah Downie and June Strunk, and working with the Finance Council, the city may look to expand those efforts by using some of the roughly $ 5 million in bailout funds. American available for Stonington.

The funds are restrictive, Chesebrough notes, and the community would limit themselves to using them more specifically on projects that were delayed in 2020 or 2021 due to the pandemic and the reappropriation of funds.

The use of these funds is expected to be discussed at the Stonington board meeting on Wednesday evening.

Chesebrough has promised that with all the work, city officials will seek to minimize disruption and limit the impact on people living in the area. She said residents will need to be understanding and adapt, but for those who may need to park elsewhere or have construction going on in front of their house, any inconvenience should only last for a few days.

“With any major project, there are challenges, and it’s no different. We ask residents to be patient and we will seek to be as efficient and avoid as much disruption as possible, ”she said.

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