Midway Automotive and Muffler focuses on customer satisfaction

FAIRFIELD – Finding a trustworthy mechanic can sometimes be a tough chore.

Auto repairs can often be expensive, and repairs that aren’t done correctly can end up costing more money – not to mention precious time that most people can’t afford.

Nowadays, with the advent of social media and review sites like Yelp, it can be a little easier to find a reputable auto repair shop, but generally the old-fashioned word of mouth recommendation. works better. Customers can seek the advice of trusted friends or family members, and businesses can build their customer base in the same way as well.

This fact is true with Midway Automotive and Muffler at Fairfield.

The Fairfield location opened in 2015, but the original location in El Sobrante has been in business for 35 years and relies on customers getting the word out one person at a time.

“It’s what builds a small business from day one,” said Ryan St. Clair, Director of Services at Midway. “Word of mouth is very important to us. If you do something right, this word will spread. If you do something wrong, that word will spread even faster several times.

Midway staff do their best to avoid having negative experiences for their customers, said receptionist Yuri Redman.

“We make sure we do everything thoroughly and on time,” Redman said. “We try to make sure that our customers are 100% satisfied and our customer loyalty has been very consistent. “

St. Clair agrees. He said many of their customers are getting new cars and keep bringing them one after the other.

“We have people here who we’ve worked with on three or four different cars,” he said.

This sentiment was reflected by Brandon Morin, a resident of Cordelia Villages, who has moved to the San Pablo area and has had experiences with the El Sobrante store before, he said.

“I took my wife’s car a few times and the job was always done on time and the cost was really reasonable,” said Morin. “You just want that simple, in-out, fix it and keep going.”

Midway operates a number of specialties that often require travel out of town. The store can take care of basic repairs like oil changes and other scheduled maintenance, but it has also taken care of vintage cars, cars with modern computer systems, fleet accounts and is the one of the few local shops to also offer a motorhome service.

The company works for several businesses, corporations and dealerships, has won the AAA Workshop of the Year award three years in a row, and is an AAA approved repair shop and CarMax approved repair site.

But beyond the simplicities or complexities that a repair can offer, the fundamental key for Midway is a commitment to its customers.

“We really like to keep our ratings high and make sure everyone is happy with the service we provided,” said St. Clair. “That’s what really makes a small business thrive. “

Midway Automotive and mufflers

• Address: 1655 W. Texas St.
• Telephone: 707-422-7000
• Website: midwayautoandbrake.com

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