Helene Weltaros can be heard comforting Sharon Osbourne after on-air spats with Sheryl Underwood



ELAINE WELTWORTH (EW): hold on. What are we doing now? Please help me understand.

They asked me to ask that question. I said, no, I’m not going to ask that question.

I said, wait, what is the intent of this conversation? This is because you can go to the left very quickly.

They go, “I’ll let you call me back.” I told them, this would be a train wreck.

Oh, look at this lover, you can say. Sharon I’m very sorry that it worked.

Sharon Osbourne (SO): Do you know what it is when you need to sit there and protect yourself? It makes you guilty because you can’t get out of it.

It’s like Jack always says, it’s like calling someone a pedophile, you can’t deny it. what do you say?

Jack Osbourne (JO): How about that…. Do you know, like “Come to see my web browser, I’m not a pedophile”?

EW: I don’t think… we… we all agree, we were when you left, there is no way we should just be [drowned out by ringtone] In that conversation [garbled] completely.

I thought… I thought- “Sharon wants to comment on the pier”, I go, “great”! They say, “OK, do you have anything to say?” No, it was. You are welcome. ‘

so: When I was driving this morning, they want you to comment on the pier? I said I would certainly do so.

4 minutes. Four minutes before I left, they called me and said, “Some people may disagree with your opinion, but is it okay for them to air?” Of course he said so. We talk about whatever they feel. You know, we will discuss it.

I never thought that would happen. Because…. whatever you say, you just look like you’re guilty. And now everyone will have that little suspicion, “You know, maybe she’s a little racist.”

EW: “It’s so messed up.

so: These people who do this have no ethics. They don’t care. They just want numbers, numbers, numbers.

EW: Did you talk to them? Has anyone answered the phone yet?

so: No one is here. Nobody is here, building-office is empty.

EW: Sharon, I just want you to know. Cheryl loved you, respected you very much, and had your back behind the scenes. She wasn’t trying to attack you.

But I also understand that when the troll nights you are attacking you online are long, you put you in a position where you have to protect yourself. I feel like you have to protect yourself.

And I know you are upset. I know it’s terrible, but I hope you know Cheryl is your friend if this is blown away. She is really your friend.

She doesn’t think you’re a racist. I don’t think you are a racist. No one who knows you will say or think about it.

so: But why couldn’t she say? “I have known you for 11 years, I I know “You are not a racist”, not “I think you are not a racist.” No, I am I know not you.

There is a big difference. The difference between day and night that you should know.

I went to Cheryl and said, “Educate me. I need to know about your heritage, I need to know things. ”

She told me to get this book and everything, and she helped me with what I didn’t fully understand.

When it came, I… was like someone hitting me in the face.

EW: I don’t know if you saw it [showrunner] Run up to me before we air and she goes. sorry…[drowned out by phone ringing]… .Enough time

Then I say, “You shouldn’t talk about this!”

so: you said?

EW: Yeah so I sat quietly there and thought. “Okay, Sharon wants to say something. Let her say that and then move on to Serena and Gomez.

They literally made her ask the question. And I thought she was setting it up as you know-I thought I had a pre-conversation so that you were on the same page.

so: number! number! number! There is a shortage. I always go for a short while 4-5 minutes ago, just as I’ve run out. The phone rings: What do you think about not everyone agreeing with you?

Do you agree with me OK, they can ask me whatever they want. It’s okay.

But it’s not like… “they will blame you for being a racist.”

EW: No one was talking about disagreements with you. At least from me, it’s easy to say. They said: “Do you have anything to say?”

“No. If Sharon wants to comment, Sharon will comment before moving on to the next topic. It may be enough in my personal life. To be honest, Sharon didn’t. Read the tweet as well.

I don’t even say people to you. I only know because people sent me a screenshot in a text message and I said “OK. OK, I literally feel nothing. ”

But there’s one thing here-and maybe I’ll talk about this another day-but because you said you saw something in her eyes in that room, you said she was to you I felt like I was coming, so I hope you know the journalist.

This is what I want you to know: Cheryl and I are bound by different standards by black and colored people who expect to say something about all racists… And it puts us in such af ** raised position.

Even if you don’t have the information, if you don’t mind and don’t want to do it, it feels like the spotlight is on.

I think Cheryl was trying to navigate that line. In other words, she said, “This is my friend.” I know you are not a racist.

And I listen to you, but I keep it in mind. You’re right, you wanted to hear “You’re not a racist, Sharon.” We know that.

Makeup artist: I actually explained it to her now.

EW: Yes, I think she said, “I don’t think you’re a racist.” And I think she meant the same thing.

so: I know, and I don’t think… it’s so far away.


EW: And really, it’s an enlightening moment for me to hear you say it. I don’t know what you said, so I’d like to apologize. You might not have said, “I know you aren’t there.” You might have said “I think”, but I need to know that I know you. Please do not try again.

so: I know that.

EW: I know you are not.

so: I know that. Now I feel the big picture. I know what happened. I know what happened.

EW: She told me she got a call just at 4 o’clock in the morning. It just f ** ing the hay wire.

so: No, they set me up. CBS set me up. And they just want a rating so they don’t care. They don’t care. They don’t care what I have to do this time and people think I’m a racist. They don’t give shit. They just want an evaluation. that’s all.

EW: And that’s the inhumane part. After this, don’t let me talk about Serena Gomez. This is inhumane.

so: you said. You did.

Makeup artist: Yeah I heard you say so. I agree with it 100. How do you migrate?

EW: Yeah, we are not actors. Don’t pay to play an Oscar-winning actress. number.

Makeup artist: exactly. Yeah, you said that.

EW: No. All of us, especially you felt ready, but I also seemed to be sitting there, and Cheryl said, “What do you want to say?” So I felt ready. It was.

What f ** k? There is nothing to say. Why are you having this conversation now?

Makeup artist: But even in that second sector .. I was like changing the topic! Just change it. Please don’t ask. There were many.

EW: There were so many. Sharon, I’m not talking to you right now. I’m not talking-it’s like America.

Black America, White America, Racist America, it’s as if they’re all looking at us and there’s this pressure to show you how to talk about this, but how we’ve ever been This is not guided on what to do.

I’m not a DNA expert. I came here and didn’t know it would-in fact, I don’t know how to do it.

so: number! I’m not, I just love the old woman [background laughter] There are many stories. If you’re an alien, I don’t care. Are you a nice alien? Then sit down.

I don’t give… I just judge nothing. How can I be a judge for someone who has my legacy? you can not. And it’s like they did this, both in numbers and in evaluation.

Makeup artist: Well that’s your character. It’s like who you are as a person, it’s nothing…

JO: But you don’t have to apologize because it’s CBS’s own.

CBS didn’t want to make it because everyone is afraid to fuel the mob’s flames. anything. Like ah it treated itself.

EW: exactly. You are right about it. It was confusing for me.

When someone sent me a text message to this tweet, I was confused when I saw it, Sharon, I thought someone was quoting what you said at the show, so I said “She I didn’t say that. “

And I look more carefully and say ah she tweeted it. And to me, it’s like her platform.

If you’re saying it on your platform and you’re dealing with a troll dealing with a dispute, it’s your business on your own platform. But why are we doing what she doesn’t say in the show?

At the show, you walk this delicate tightrope that really supported your friends, but alienate those who are the color people you thought you were really doing well at the show when you dealt with it. It was. Leave it as it is.

It happened. It was just a statement and should have proceeded.

EW: Maybe, “Mr. Sharon, I want to comment. Let’s comment on Twitter and leave it as it is. Or if you really want to talk, thank you. Is my face funny?


Who knows what I look like now?

Helene Weltaros can be heard comforting Sharon Osbourne after on-air spats with Sheryl Underwood

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