Healthy Lifestyle: Improve Your Fitness Program and Get Out of Your Comfort Zone at TWRL BR


BATON ROUGE, LA (BRPROUD) – When it comes to fitness, there are many ways to get moving, all you have to do is find an exercise you enjoy. In this week’s Healthy Living magazine, Carly Laing shows us a local fitness center that offers a unique way to get in shape.

If you want to step up your fitness routine and get out of your comfort zone, pole fitness might be the workout for you.

“The pole is a bodyweight exercise. You just use the pole as a tool. So you will see [an] increased strength, endurance, flexibility, ”Babs Spano said.

TWRL BR owner Babs Spano said pole fitness is fitness, it’s just a different way to get in shape

“Our fitness classes start with regular stretching and conditioning exercises, just like you would in any other type of in-store fitness. But then we teach you the moves on the post like turns, and eventually we get you to climb the post and do flips and turns, ”Spano said.

Spano said don’t let the Pole intimidate you.

“For some reason people experience a certain level of intimidation when they look at this issue. Whether you come in and have no experience in moving, dancing, anything we can help you get there, ”said Spano.

Spano said anyone can participate.

“We are of all ages. You have to be 18 to come but the oldest person I taught in the studio was 72. So anyone can do it, ”Spano said.

TWRL BR offers a variety of unique classes like Aerial Arts, Bunjee Workouts, and Pole Fitness.

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