Framingham, Milford and Hopedale Fire Departments Receive FEMA Grants



Several local fire departments as well as the state fire marshal’s office recently received federal grants to purchase safety and training equipment.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Firefighter Assistance Grant is intended to help fire departments beyond their annual budgets.

The Milford Fire Department received $ 406,000. Deputy Fire Chief Mike DeTore said the money would be used to purchase a new tanker truck.

“It will have off-road capabilities,” he said. “It will be mainly for off-road situations. “

DeTore explained that sometimes fires occur in areas not accessible by road and the water supply is limited. The department used a converted 1993 military vehicle, which the new tanker will replace, the deputy chief said.

“It will be a big improvement,” he said. “There will be all the necessary safety equipment on it.

The Framingham Fire Department received approximately $ 83,000. Fire Chief Michael Dutcher said the money would be used to purchase 33 new defibrillators, replacing outdated equipment.

The new defibrillators will be installed in all fire vehicles and fire stations, he said.

This is the third firefighter assistance grant the department has received in four years, Dutcher said.

“The important thing with the firefighter assistance grant is that it complements our budget,” he said. “We don’t have to take our money from the budget to buy them, so we can use it for other items. We are always working hard to find ways to supplement our budget.

The Hopedale Fire Department will use the $ 290,000 grant it received to purchase a new self-contained breathing apparatus for the service, said Fire Chief Thomas Daige.

The current respiratory system is due to expire by the end of the year. The new equipment will be purchased by the first week of November, Daige said.

“It was perfect timing,” he said. “It’s a huge advantage for the city. We’ve had waivers over the past couple of years and everyone in town has capital purchase needs. Now the city can invest that money, the $ 290,000, in other projects. “

The state fire marshal’s office will use the $ 500,000 grant it received to purchase two new training equipment that can be used by local departments across the state, Fire Marshal Peter Ostroskey said. in a press release. Equipment can be moved to various fire departments upon request.

The equipment includes a maze that can be used to simulate firefighting in a tight space, as well as an emergency vehicle simulator, which will be used to train various driving experiences in different types of vehicles.

“The program we offer at MFA reflects the fact that firefighters do more than put out fires,” Ostroskey said. “The equipment funded through this grant will improve the quality and accessibility of the training we deliver to 366 Commonwealth departments, help firefighters develop and maintain essential knowledge, and improve municipal preparedness for any emergency to which they answer. And because they’re mobile accessories, we can literally deliver this high-quality training to fire departments across the state.

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