DVIDS – News – Fleet Readiness Center Southeast Launches Annual Trades Apprenticeship Program Recruitment Efforts

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – Fleet Readiness Center Southeast (FRCSE) has started recruiting efforts for its Trades Apprenticeship program, entering its fourth year and graduating to 2022.

Apprenticeship is a four-year work-study program that offers apprentices a competitive salary while learning a career-level trade.

In recent decades, the push towards higher education has led many young adults to struggle with the accumulation of debt incurred by tuition and living expenses.

Alternatively, the FRCSE apprenticeship program offers free tuition and fees as well as hourly pay and benefits, making the opportunity attractive to all types of applicants.

“We look forward to a new generation of employees who will bring fresh ideas and perspectives, but who are also committed to serving their country,” said FRCSE Commander Capt Grady Duffey. “This program provides the opportunity to earn a salary while learning the skills necessary for a successful lifelong career. Upon completion, our apprentices will secure a permanent position in the federal workforce and directly support our complex. Naval Aviation Enterprise. ”

The relationship between the 37 selected recruits and the FRCSE is mutually beneficial. As apprentices feel the benefits in their pockets and in their futures, the command is seeing a decrease in the median age of employees within its workforce.

“There is always a sense of excitement when we start recruiting our next group of apprentices,” said Angello Evans, Director of the Apprenticeship Programs Division at FRCSE. goal, which begins with our mission to support the fighter. ”

The program not only teaches practical trades to young adults, but also helps to maintain a flow of knowledge from generation to generation. Since many supervisors and senior leaders in command started out as apprentices, the program proves that there is a long, successful and lucrative career in blue collar work.

“With each passing year, we are noticing stronger competition among applicants because the secret of this great opportunity is being revealed,” he said. “While business experience is not required to apply for the program, it does help. “

The multi-pronged application process ends on Monday, January 24 and requires a minimum of a resume and college placement test results, but Evans has offered a bit more guidance for those looking for a bit of inside knowledge.

“Make sure you read the requirements carefully in the job advertisement and on the flyer, submit all required documents and don’t delay! I can’t stress this enough,” he continued. “Applicants should allow themselves sufficient time to review their application and ask questions of our human resources staff if assistance is required.”

For FRCSE, this program is not only ushering in a new group of bright-eyed recruits, but it is also changing the face of industrial commerce work, creating a brighter future for the naval aviation command and company in its own right. together.

About the Fleet Readiness Center South East

Fleet Readiness Center Southeast (FRCSE) is the largest provider of maintenance, repair, overhaul, and technical services in Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia, employing more than 5,000 civilians, military and contractual. With annual revenues in excess of $ 1 billion, the organization is an integral part of the US Navy, Naval Air Systems Command and Commander Fleet Readiness Centers by maintaining combat air power for the US military.

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