Clark County encourages preparation for the New Year

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – Clark County emergency managers are encouraging residents to make emergency preparedness their New Year’s resolution.

“The New Year is a great time to think about emergency preparedness,” said Clark County Fire Department deputy chief Billy Samuels, who oversees the county’s emergency management office. “By definition, emergencies are unpredictable, but there are key actions people can take to help themselves and their families stay safe in an emergency. “

Smartphone users can download the Southern Nevada Community Readiness app to receive emergency alerts, safety tips, weather notifications, and other information here.

PP users can create a personalized emergency preparedness plan and share their state of safety with loved ones. Residents can also visit the Southern Nevada On the Alert website.

The three key stages of emergency preparedness are:

  1. Obtain a disaster supply kit. The kit should contain items for you and your basic needs for your family for three days to two weeks, including food and water and unique needs such as supplies for infants, family members medically fragile and pets. You should also prepare an emergency kit for your car.
  1. Make a plan. Family members may not be together when an emergency strikes, so it’s important to plan in advance how you’ll connect with each other. Choose a primary and secondary meeting place in case an emergency affects your home or neighborhood, and designate an out-of-state contact that family members can call in case you become separated. It may be easier to call out of state than to an area affected by an emergency. Talk to your children about what to do in an emergency if you are separated.
  1. To be informed. Understand the types of disasters most likely to happen in your area and what to do to stay safe. The main hazards identified in southern Nevada are communicable diseases, forest fires, floods, earthquakes and extreme heat. Power cuts can also occur. In an emergency, stay tuned to local TV or radio stations for directions and to Clark County TV and social media sites including Twitter and Facebook via @ClarkCountyNV and on NextDoor under “Clark County ”.

Authorities also recommend these resources for learning more about emergency preparedness:

  • Remember the “See something, say something“campaign. The US Department of Homeland Security has expanded the campaign to thwart terrorism and other criminal activity by encouraging citizens to report any suspicious activity to appropriate state and local law enforcement authorities. As part of this effort, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and the Southern Nevada Counter-Terrorism Center have set up a 24-hour hotline for the public to report suspicious activity to (702) 828-8386.
  • Go to the county website and visit the Emergency Management Office and Fire Department web pages for safety tips and other information. Clark County TV also created Emergency Preparedness Public Service Announcements on various topics that were shared widely with local news media and on county social media sites. Topics include:

Clark County emergency management staff may be available to speak to community groups. For inquiries, contact the Preparedness and Recovery Coordinator at (702) 455-5715.

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