Chennai Airport merges the East and West Wings into the Domestic Terminal; facilitates transit for departing travelers – The New Indian Express

Through Express press service

CHENNAI: Chennai Airport has merged the East and West Wings of the Remote Security Holding Area (SHA) into the Domestic Terminal and opened it for passenger movement from Friday, January 28, 2022.

This merger will greatly benefit departing passengers, in case they get the wrong boarding gate in the East or West Wings or in case of last minute boarding gate changes by the airlines.

Usually, sometimes, a departing passenger scheduled to board from the East Wing (remote gates 11-13) and had mistakenly taken the West wing (remote gates 14-16), had to travel all the way by taking the escalator or elevator, crossing the security hold area, then back down to reach the exact door.

“There have been many occasions where passengers have missed flights due to this separation of the East and West Wings and this merger is a quick and easy solution to the problem and passengers can now move freely from Gates 11-16 without any hassle, making the East-West separation fall into oblivion,” Chennai Airport said in a statement.

An additional space of 1015.037 Sq.ft is created from this merger and this will improve the ability to hold SHA remotely. A plan to increase boarding gates (1 or 2) at the remote SHA level is also under consideration due to the additional space resulting from this merger, the statement adds.

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