Brian Laundrie should be found in ‘comfort zone’, former FBI agent predicts


A former FBI agent said he believed Brian Laundrie was likely to be somewhere he would be “taken care of,” based on typical runaway behavior.

Terry Turchie said Fox News that fugitives “tend to try to figure out how they can land in the comfort zone,” and often find themselves in places that are familiar to them in some way or another.

Mr. Laundrie is a person of interest in the homicide of his fiancee, Gabby Petito and is wanted by the FBI for debit card fraud. His family say they last saw him on September 13, when he went for a hike in the Carlton Reservation in Florida and did not return. A major manhunt for him has so far failed despite weeks of research.

“People don’t change because they become fugitives,” said Turchie, who spent a year leading the search for Olympic Park bomber Eric Robert Rudolph in the 1990s.

“Clearly [Mr Laundrie] is not in a camp or in a cave somewhere on the hard, cold ground or… water infested with snakes, alligators. He’s somewhere he’s probably taken care of, ”continued Mr. Turchie. “When you see how he got home running after something obviously happened, it kind of tells you what he’s probably doing now.”

Mr Turchie said clues to Mr Laundrie’s whereabouts can be found by talking to people who knew him well.

“You interview as many people who need that person as you can, you keep following that. You talk to neighbors, friends and you look for anything [the fugitive] could have said for a while that he didn’t have that guard where he hadn’t done anything, ”he said.

Although driving to remote places is “exactly the sort of thing it could very well be what he does,” Turchie said, he added that Mr. Laundrie would need the money to keep doing it. .

Those who were on the run “would get tired eventually,” Turchie said, and a small mistake such as a traffic violation would make “his runaway run quite short”.

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