Payday loans online bad credit ok -Internet loans for people with bad credit

Borrowing money quickly and easily with bkr is nowadays not very complicated with borrowing money online. Even if you want to borrow while you have a BKR listing, there are still plenty of options to get a cash amount.

You get a negative BKR listing if you have a payment backlog, you must always be notified if the company to which you owe money wants to make a report to the BKR. If you then do not catch up, it will be reported to the bkr with a code. This will be removed after five years if you have repaid the debt.

Internet loans for people with bad credit: get money in a dash

But are you still eligible to borrow money if you have a negative listing with the bkr.

There are still possibilities, but they are limited. For example, you can still qualify for a mini loan or mini credit. You can borrow a small amount of up to 800 euros for a short period of up to 45 days.

For this type of borrowing you must have income, at least around 900 euros must be credited to your account every month. You must also be resident in the Netherlands and you must have a fixed home address.

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Can I take out another loan with bkr

All other loans, such as a revolving credit, personal loan or mortgage are all tested with bkr, this means that you cannot pass the check. A solution could be to find someone who wants to act as a guarantor for you or maybe your partner can sign for a loan.

It could also be that you can give collateral, for example if you have a house that has already been partially repaid, then you could still get a loan with bkr for that portion. Lenders think differently about this, so contact us in advance to ask if you have a chance with this solution.

Mini loan with bkr

The mini loan can be requested without problems because there is no review done at the bkr. The amounts that you can borrow with a mini-credit are limited, so this loan is not suitable for major purchases or renovations to your house. It can be used for paying a bill that can no longer wait or for the holiday for some extra pocket money. Keep in mind that you have to pay back the mini loan quickly and you have to pay the entire amount in one go, so you cannot pay in installments.

Cost of the mini loan

The costs of a mini-loan vary per provider and it depends on how quickly you want your money to be in your account, if you want it to be on your account the same day or within 10 minutes then you will have to pay for it. However, if you have patience, it can also be deposited within 4 days, you pay no extra costs but only the interest. Another provider requires you to take out a guarantee, which may be someone from your area who wants to help you with the loan. If you do not have this, you must take out insurance at the same time that you take out the mini loan.

Request quickly

Applying for a loan with bkr is done in no time, everything goes online and all you have to do is answer the questions you are asked. You can request a mini-loan in 5 minutes. You are then requested to send some scanned papers such as your proof of identification and proof of your address, this is usually a bank statement. Once you have done this, your application will be processed and you will be informed of whether the loan has been approved. In some cases it is possible that additional information is requested, but not in most cases.

Apply for a mini loan for the first time

If you are applying for a mini-loan for the first time, there is a maximum amount, sometimes this is 400 euros and for another 200 euros. If you repay this first loan properly on time, you can request the maximum amount of 800 euros the next time. After a first request, the company already has all your data, so you don’t have to send it back. There is even an option that you send an SMS with the amount you want to borrow and this is then automatically deposited into your account without paperwork. Convenience serves people in this case.

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